any of you ever buy something from TEMU

Never bought anything from them, but I like that piece. Surprised I've never seen one before, wouldn't have had to print my own.
Well, can be had for a bit more from Amazon:

yeah, anyway, I have purchased odds and ends from Temu for other stuff... some of the stuff is a pretty good deal....
give you a perfect example... if you work on cars push pins are used in all sorts of stuff now.. and you lose them or mess them up while working.

I can buy them at the auto parts... its like 5 dollars fora pack of 6 of the correct push pins.... or you can spend ten bucks on Temu and get an assortment of more than 100 pushpins plus the tool. :)

in my case on trip to the auto parts is a 28 mile round trip drive, plus the time... so it was a no brainer at that price...