A walk in the woods - can you find the hidden gems?


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Can you see why I took this picture?

I see one in the center. those critters are darn near invisible anyway.
so how many more were there?
Two, can you find the other?
I'd just be guessing at this point, but maybe 1 slightly to the right. its more of a shadow a few feet to the right, but not enough for me to say positively, whereas I can see the head and the nose on the deer in the center. its just like this pic out my back door. there are 4 bucks in the picture, 2 are obvious..
There's what looks like one more in there, just to the left of the middle one, but I think it is just leaves.

I was going to guess you were hunting for D.B Cooper. LOL 😂. I mean the anniversary of that is coming up in a few weeks haha.
Holy WOW! I didn't see the one on the very left edge! That's three and we only saw one as we walked by.

@ctechbob wins!
We see these deer across the street from our house almost everyday.

Wayne depending on where you happen to be you may see deer ( or black bears, raccons,squirrel, fox etc) as a neat thing or as a nuisance. this sucker was a nuisance, I tried to run this weirdly horned spike off a dozen times, even shot him in the butt with my Gamo air rifle because he was eating my crepe myrtles 20 feet from my front door. But this dummy finally met his match because he got run over by a car down the street from me.

@spasm3 is this your back yard?
Front and side yard. Thats my camper/truck shed in the background. Developments all around us, its the last place for deer to wander. We feed them, its relaxing after a stressful work day, to watch them through the window.