21 ways to really annoy your campground neighbors


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I saw this on another website and thought it was funny but sadly true. We have never seen someone use a chainsaw to cut their firewood, but all 20 other items in the list we've seen.

I would change one of the items from "Be sure to use your power drill to raise or lower your trailer jacks early or late in the day." to "Be sure to use your power drill on hammer mode to raise or lower your jacks" We see this often and I so badly want to walk over to the person and ask them why hammer mode is really necessary. I swear you can hear it a mile away.

  • Be sure your campfire smoke always blows in your neighbor’s window.
  • Never pick up your dog’s poop.
  • Crank up your music as loud as possible. A boombox on the picnic table works great!
  • Turn on every outdoor light on your RV after dark. Add additional lights, especially blinking colored lights. Keep them on all night.
  • Sit around your campfire with bubbas getting drunk, belching, swearing and smoking cigars.
  • Let your engine idle for at least 30 minutes in the early morning before leaving your campsite.
  • Watch your favorite Rambo movies loudly on your outdoor TV. The later at night, the better.
  • Burn your trash in the campfire pit.
  • Encourage your dog to bark at every camper that walks by and every other sound it hears outside the RV.
  • Teach your kids or grandkids that walking or riding their bikes through other campers’ sites is a good way to get around the park.
  • If you arrive late night in a campground, bang everything as loudly as you can while setting up and be sure to swear loudly at your partner while backing in.
  • If you take an early-morning or late evening walk in the campground, talk loudly. If you bring your male dog along, let it off leash so it can pee on other campers’ outdoor furniture and their car or RV tires.
  • Be sure to proudly display large political flags or banners.
  • To get a conversation going with a stranger, say something like this: “Hey, how about that Trump (or Biden)?”
  • Run your generator at all hours.
  • Be sure to use your power drill to raise or lower your trailer jacks early or late in the day.
  • Always use your cell phone outdoors. Be sure to speak loudly and use the speaker with its volume turned all the way up.
  • So what if your kids or grandkids are running all over the place, screaming and yelling? They’re on vacation! Let ’em have fun!
  • Use a chainsaw to cut firewood.
  • Everybody loves tobacco smoke, right? So what if your cigar smoke blows into their window? It’s a free world!
  • Let your dog in camper barking continuously while you go somewhere for half a day.
Source: https://www.rvtravel.com/disliked-rver-1075/
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Yes to those, 100%. Seen most of them and bend over backwards to not be the person doing any of them.

Power drills don't bother me though, mine is super quiet. The people that use an impact gun are the ones that need to stoppit, those things are stupid annoying and it takes them FOREVER to get their jacks up.

Funny story from this last trip. Wife and I are sitting at the dinette with the shade up just chilling, watching a game, and staring through the window. We'd noticed a couple of kids riding scooters around earlier, not a big deal. Have fun kiddos...until.

I watch both of them come on to our site run past our window, knock on the door and run off (Ding dong ditch!?!?).

Of course the dog goes ape as she's really good about knowing when something isn't right, and a knock on our door at the campgrounds 'isn't quite right'.

I pop out of the camper and walk around front and the kids are standing on the road and had dropped their little nerf gun on my site.

I'm 5'11" 260# bald with goatee, and can look pretty danged mean if I have to. The kids catch sight of me stomping around front and freeze.

'I saw you do that'


'Is this your toy?'

*slow nod*

*Toss the toy into the little island at the edge of the campsite*

'Don't do it again'

"<quiet>Yes sir"

I wasn't really mad, kids are gonna kid, and I didn't see them doing anything dumb the rest of the day, so they probably learned their lesson. Didn't feel any need to find their parents and tell them, I'm pretty sure the kids went back to their camper to change their shorts. Now if I saw them continuing to be little turds I would have hauled off and had a chat with their parents, or had the ranger do it. I'm off duty on the weekends, I don't really want to be the one stirring up crap.
The list forgot: Let your dog in camper barking continuously while you go somewhere for half a day.

My tongue jack and slide make more noise than a drill. Sorry.
The list forgot: Let your dog in camper barking continuously while you go somewhere for half a day.
That's a great one. We were in a KOA in Austin one time and this happened in the trailer beside us every work day for two weeks. We were not amused.
Seen a few while tent camping. Back in the flip phone days we had this guy in the spot next to us who was mad at someone and was cussing at them constantly for a good bit of the night as loudly as he could while pacing around his campsite. Personally when I’m in the outdoors I try and stay off my phone and just enjoy the scenery around me. I do get it out for pictures but I will leave texts sitting till I’m ready to look at them. I hate always having to be around my phone but it’s always on me I just don’t look at it. Most places you don’t get service at anyway. I’ve also seen people burning their trash in the campfire. Talk about an awful smell.

I feel it’s best to leave your campground neighbors alone unless they talk to you first. I was 7 and began talking to another little boy and his brother knocked me to the ground because he thought I was trying to come steal his toys. We had to move campsites because of the big brother. So ever since then I will never approach a campsite neighbor again. The parents were like we don’t mind if you play with him but his big brother is very protective so if you say or do something he doesn’t like and he hurts you it’s not on us. To avoid any conflict we just moved. We noticed they left the next day so not sure if they got kicked out or what but we did tell the park ranger and he said he would let the front office know. They had planned on staying a week they were there for one night so very well could have got kicked out.