2025 Ram Charger sure looks interesting and finally an electric truck without range anxiety


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125 miles electric range, then another 600 miles on gasoline. There is no transmission, the Pentastar V6 solely powers the generator. This should make the electric only truck manufacturers nervous.

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Gotta give them credit, I've been wondering why someone doesn't do that for a while. We've known for ages that an ICE can be tuned to be super efficient in a very narrow range of operation. Question then is, are losses from the conversion worth it.

Would have thought they would use a smaller engine though. 130kw is ~174hp (Granted, probably closer to 200 with losses etc.), you'd think you would just tune something smaller to operate super efficiently and stick it in there. Don't really see the need for a Pentastar.

Be interesting to see how it shakes out. I won't be buying one as I trust Stellantis engineers about as much as I trust my 'guests' here at work, but it will be cool to see how it pans out.

I'd love to have a plug-in hybrid version of my truck.
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