It’s a Dog’s Life (in an RV)

Meet Shandy, our 20-month-old female Chocolate Lab……

………and Finley, our 6-month-old male Black Lab

Shandy has had quite a few travels with us in our Airstream already – Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Montana, Wisconsin and Michigan to name just a few.  Finley will be starting his adventures this summer in our brand-spankin’ new New Horizons 5th wheel.

Being on the road with our pups brings us a lot of enjoyment, but let’s be real – also some challenges!

I’m hoping to start a conversation dedicated to all things Dogs & RV!  How to keep them exercised while traveling?  Where can they hike with their humans, and where can’t they?  What products make traveling with dogs easier and safer? 

Click on the link below to drop a comment if you’ve got a topic you’d like the conversation to begin with.  And, please share your best rv-ing / camping pics with your fur-babies, and any helpful hints! 

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