Zilker Park - Austin, TX


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Zilker Park is a Austin city park located across the Colorado river from downtown Austin. Whoever had the foresight to leave this huge tract of land for a city multipurpose park was brilliant. In fact, there is so much green space along the river, even downtown Austin, that someone deserves a big thank you for making Austin full of green space and biking/walking paths.

Zilker is used for concerts, volleyball, festivals, connects to several walking paths, and has so much parking that we've never seen it full. There must have been 50 dogs playing fetch and running around having a great time with their owners. We even saw a guy flying a RC airplane, who was teasing a dog. I don't think the dog's owner was too pleased, but the dog was.

Photoglobe of Zilker

Taken from the center of the park looking at downtown:


Taken from the center of the park looking away from downtown: