Will Dexter torsion axles last longer if you unload them while your RV is stored?


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We store our Airstream every winter for about 5-6 months. I was curious if the rubber compound in the axles "wears" or loses its flexibility over time when loaded. The best source is Dexter, so I called their technical support line and asked if the axle would last longer if unloaded during periods of storage. The answer is absolutely yes, the axles will last longer if unloaded during storage. They wouldn't say how much longer, but said the axles definitely will have a longer service life. I place the Airstream on jack stands to unload the axles every winter. We'll see how many years of service we get from the axles before they start to sag and ride rough. FYI
Interesting! My previous 2 TTs had torsion axles. I never thought about unloading them. Makes sense. I do have my tires and wheels balanced. Some never do this, i feel it has to be easier on the axles and bearings. I wonder if it is easier on the entire tt if the tires are balanced.

Wayne, how do you store your airstream?
I am fortunate to have access to a heated building that houses our Airstream during the winter months. It stays in a morton building during the summer months when not in use. Hail is a problem for Airstreams, so we like to keep it inside whenever possible during hail season.
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