Why it's so important to park your RV in the shade


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I'm in central Illinois today working from our Airstream. I could feel the heat coming off the sun-facing side of the trailer at 9:00AM, so I took some temperature measurements. We always like shade, as we don't have solar.

I'm running a single A/C from our Honda 2200 generator. It's going to get a bit warm inside.

On the shady side of the trailer:


These are all from the sunny side of the trailer:



And that's with a reflective aluminum surface! Imagine the temp on a fiberglass side with a dark paint or decal!

I'm going to check mine next time out of curiosity.

I'm always surprised at the people that spend as much as they do on a camping unit, then leave them out in the open all year. A 3-5 thousand dollar metal shed will do so much good.
I'm camped near Evansville, IN tonight - in the shade. Only a 30 amp pedestal, but one A/C handles 91°F just fine when the trailer is shaded.