White Sands NP New Mexico

A great place with dunes that will amaze is White Sands NP in New Mexico.
The picnic area at the White Sands is plowed like a snow covered road everyday as the sand moves like a snow drift.
There are dunes you are allowed to walk on and they have a self tour area that gives information about the dunes, how they were formed, life on the dunes, and what the 'sand' really is. The 'sand' itself is silky and cool to the touch.
The day we were there the clouds and the sky were dynamic.

Be sure to check before you go, they close the park when they are doing missile tests!
If you are of an age the Interagency Senior Pass is well worth the money. Check it out.


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*IF* we are allowed into Carlsbad and Guadeloupe NPs during the first week of June, then we just may drive over to see White Sands as well. Thanks for the tip!