Wheeler's Campground - Baraboo, WI


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We stayed here a week ago while visiting Devil's Lake state park. Wheeler's is a nice campground for both RV and tent camping. The entire place is very well manicured and given lots of TLC. There are a couple things we weren't used to with other RV parks. First, all of the RV sites are grass, no concrete and no gravel pads. This wasn't a problem, but if there are several days of rain, then I'll bet it could get muddy. Second, probably 90% of the RV sites are permanent or seasonal. They mostly looked good, but some of the trailers were very old and not well maintained. This didn't bother us, but it may bother some. We will stay there again, very pretty. It's also for sale if you want to own an RV park!


We did have about 30 minutes of very hard rain. The phone camera lightened the photo considerably, as it was much darker that it looks.


Nothing like camping and having great food!