What Jack do you take with you?


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What jack do you use in case of a flat trailer tire? I have been thinking about the 3 ton aluminum HF jack, as its only 63lbs. but i saw this newer jack that has much more lifting height.

What do you think?

We have the jack that came with the truck and a 10 ton bottle jack. I made some jack pads out of 2x6s for those asphalt sites where they don't allow metal jacks, these would come in handy to raise the bottle jack and give it a good base to sit on.

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Basically the same as Wayne. Mine is just a 4 ton bottle jack. Just enough to lift the axle at the spring mount. I know everyone says you shouldn't lift them there, but just lifting a single tire off the ground to change a tire is no problem. I wouldn't use that method to lift the whole camper.
I went to the U-pull-it and found a scissor jack with a 2500 lb rating. Welded a saddle on top that the axle tube fits in and run it up and down with a drill motor. It's just for changing tires.
it is a good idea to make sure the jack(s) you have will fit and work under both your trailer and your truck.
I have a bottle and OEM jack,,, as well as tools.

if you've never done it, it is a good idea to do a trailer tire change at home, just to make sure.. make sure the mechanism that carries the spare functions..

same for tire removal tools. I found out that although the truck and trailer lug nuts are the same size,I need a thinwall socket to work on the trailer wheel nuts.

same for wood blocks for jack support.

nice to have a pry bar for lifting the tire up onto the wheel studs too.

better yet a small air compressor ( I have a Viair) and a set of tire plugs..