What is your preferred TP


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Currently, we're using Angel Soft. I've been watching through the clear 90* elbow when we dump and it looks as though it is doing a pretty good job of breaking apart on its way out of the tube.

There's no way I could get the wife to use 'RV' paper, and honestly, I wouldn't want to either.

Does anyone else not use 'RV' paper?
We started out years ago using RV paper, because we were told by the Airstream dealer to never use household paper, which turned out to be a bunch of crap. I watched a toilet paper 'test' on Youtube years ago and the conclusion was that many of the 'soft' varieties actually break-up better than RV paper. That lead me to the TP isle at the store looking for Angel Soft or anything that is 'soft', because it has much less tensile strength than the 'strong' papers. We have learned that 'soft' papers seem to break-up fine in the tank with a little help, which will be the topic of another post soon.

The bottom line is, the softer the better and you don't need to use RV paper.
We use Scott's Rapid Dissolve paper. We find in the camping department at WalMart. It works well, nice and soft and does break down quickly. Now this may not be for everyone yet it works for me. Women use the bathroom more often and have to use paper every time, when it is a matter of just drying off I have a zip lock bag in the waste basket by the toilet. After drying I put the used tissue in the zip lock, shut it and throw the whole thing away every day or every other day depending on use. I also spritz some Lysol in the bag. You would be surprised at how much TP that keeps out of the black tank.