West Michigan - Van Camper


Starting on my Van Camper mods soon on my transit.
I have 33 ft Holiday Rambler that stays at the camp ground. Covid stalled our camping plans at the camp ground. I will be posting my van projects here soon.
We are looking forward to 2021.

Any fisherman/woman here?

I am in Grand Rapids, MI.
Are you converting a Transit van from scratch?
Modular conversion, I have to maintain the passenger seating.
It is a 12 seater pass 350 high top.

1. Storage platform behind rear bench, this will be strong enough to sleep on.
2. 280AH Li batt to make coffee and warm food. And user warm blankets.
3. Upgrade middle bench to reclining bench seat that turn into a full bed.

The nice thing about a passenger van is that it has the factory a/c/heater for the rear. works well. My van has 900 driving hours and 400 idle hours.


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Can't wait to see the project as it progresses!
Waiting on Batteries from China, they are probably in the middle of the pacific right now.

Working on charging, storage, and benchmarking solutions.

I did not even have a working soldering iron :cool:

Step learning experience and the myriad charging solutions out there with little info makes making a decision difficult.

I am excited about having lot of AH to go out fishing,

I will keep you guys posted!