Water Inlet Connection Repair


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I had a water Inlet leak inside the travel trailer , not long after we got it. The dealer tested it and said it was fine, and it was for a while and leaked again.

So I replaced it myself. When I removed it I saw that the screws were short , only in the fiberglass side, and there was no backup plate for reinforcement. The dealer also had trouble as I can see they drilled new holes and counted on the sealant to hold it.

I finally got around to repairing this properly , as it was working loose.

My fix was to add an oak back plate ( I had some oak around).
I cut a round hole in it , dampened it and used a polyurethane glue. Clamped with the weight of a brick.

I ordered some black headed stainless steel screws 3 inches long, and a 1/8 in drill bit that was 6 inches long.
Sealed it with geoseal.

Repair worked well it's solid now! Pics below.
Pic of the screws and drill bit.
Left is original screw, the replacement screw, and the long 1/8 inch drill bit.
It will never come loose again. Too bad you had to take your time and effort to fix what should have been better constructed at the factory.
Stout fix. Reminds me of the saying- anything worth doing is worth overdoing! (y) After owning this trailer for 2 years I think I have all of the half done things corrected.