Virginia Here


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I’m from Virginia. Lived here all of my life. I have a lot of family in the Midwest. I love hunting, fishing and anything outdoors. I’ve been to many campgrounds. Our favorite used to be Breaks Interstate Park on the Virginia/Kentucky border but then they turned it into more of an amusement park than a campground and state park. We have been to Devils Den State Park once back in 2013 for a family reunion. That state park was nice it’s in Arkansas.

Our new favorite is probably Watoga State Park in West Virginia. We have been there many times it’s a really nice place. I’ll try and post pictures of it and the other state parks too. :)

A few years ago my grandma had two RV a 1989 Allegro and a 2005 Ford. She took those to Oklahoma to live with her brother for the summer with my aunt as well. I had to redo the entire brake system and hydraulic system on the 1989. She sold that one before going and bought the 2005 Ford which was in a minor accident then she sold it in Oklahoma and came back here with my aunt. I didn’t get to do much to that one.
Welcome! Glad to have you here. It's a requirement that you post lots of pictures of the great places you visit. :cool:
I’ve been looking for the pictures Wayne. Appears the albums got misplaced when we were rearranging the living room.