Van dragging bumper cover on the interstate


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I saw this a few weeks ago near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

How do you not know, or if you do then why did they not stop? Sometimes I really wonder what people are paying attention to.

I’m guessing either phone distraction or radio distraction maybe it was so loud they couldn’t hear anything besides the radio.
Some people tend to be in there own worlds.. I think that's the nice way to put it. I commute by bike almost 2k per year, on a weekly basis I see belly covers, limbs (this morning actually) etc dragging and the drivers just keep going like it's nothing. I've seen way too many bolts also which really scares me lol. I know some are control arms bolts.
I used to ride my road bike many thousands of miles/yr and concur that you can't believe what you see laying on the edge of the road. About once a month I would stop and pick up a nice tool laying on the shoulder. I probably saw dozens of cell phones that someone probably left laying on their car and forgot. They were mostly run over and destroyed, but I did take the undamaged ones to the store of their respective brand to see of they could locate the owner.