Utah State Route 12 and "The Hogback"


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We were staying in Torrey, UT while seeing Capitol Reef NP and our next destination of Bryce Canyon NP. A friend of mine suggested we drive UT-12 from Torrey to Bryce Canyon City, because the route is very scenic. Out of Torrey, you climb to about 9500' which gives great views of the Capitol Reef area and you'll see lots of cattle grazing and even some deer. There are several scenic viewing areas that are worth the stop. Further toward Bryce is an area of the UT-12 called "The Hogback" because the road runs on top of a very narrow spine that some say resembles a hog's back. Quite impressive that the road is narrow, because there isn't any more room to make it wider, it sure got my attention!

Google Maps Streetview of Hogback

What I didn't know is about a mile further down the road you see this sign:

When your GVW is about 18,000 lbs, that sign gets your attention! The Duramax has a exhaust brake of which I was glad it does. We slowed to about 15 MPH, because of traffic and maintained that speed all the way down. I locked the Allison in 1 and with the engine break on, I still had to use the brakes several times to maintain a speed of 15 MPH!

I recommend this drive while pulling a trailer or driving a class A only if you have lots of experience with your rig.
Wow! 14% I can't imagine what its like to climb that without a diesel. Is it a straight decent/ascent , or is it twisty at all?
We did the decent and yeah, it's pretty twisty. 14% gets your attention.
All I can say is "Ditto".
Route 12 is one of my favorites. Spectacular!
I have driven it with our RV in tow; very beautiful.
I have ridden it on my Victory; out of this world!