Using Walmart parking lots overnight


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It is my understanding Walmart allows this. Have any of you stayed in your camper overnight in a Walmart lot?
We do frequently when on the road to our final destination. AllStays has an app called ONP WalMart "Over Night Parking", which we use to find overnight friendly WalMarts, because not all are. The app is generally accurate, but we have found a few WalMarts that the app said were friendly, but when we got to the WalMart, there was signs that said, "No overnight parking". When we see that we generally move on. We did recently stay in a WalMart just south of Indianapolis that had signs that said, "No overnight truck parking" and there were about a half dozen trucks parked near the signs. We stayed and had no problems.

When we do stay, as a courtesy to the WalMart, we do not do anything that makes it look like we're "camping". No awnings, no stabilizers, no grill, nothing. We also virtually always go in and restock on whatever we need as a thank you to the WalMart for letting us use their parking lot.