Trailer tires barely wearing


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I made this post our how quickly the truck rear tires are wearing

I measured the tread wear on the trailer tires and found little wear in 19,000 miles. The tires are Michelin LT225/75R16 with a new tread depth of 14/32". The tread depth now with 19,000 miles is 13/32" - almost no wear. At this rate of wear we would have to pull the trailer around 200,000 miles to wear the tires down to 3/32", but I've heard the recommended tire replacement age regardless of wear is 5-6 years. It's going to be pretty hard to throw away 6 year old tires with most of the tread left on them, but we sure don't want a blow out. What do you folks think is a good age to throw your tires away and get new?
I went 10 years on my original GY Marathon radials on my RV. Anytime it was not on the road, it was stored in a shelter where no UV got onto the tires. That helps with not aging as quickly.

I'd think 10 years would be doable on yours, but you'll want to check them more closely and frequently as they age.