Trail of the Cedars - Glacier National Park


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The Trail of the Cedars is on the Going to the Sun Road near the Avalanche lake trailhead. If you are hiking to Avalanche lake, then you will most likely also walk through the Trail of the Cedars, but if you park in the lot, it is possible to skip most of the Cedars Trail. It is worth walking the Cedars trail and hiking the Avalanche trail.

Much of the Cedars trail is on elevated boardwalk, as there was so much foot traffic that boardwalk needed to be built to keep the erosion to a minimum.

The sheer size of the trees reminds me of the trees in Muir Woods.

We spent about an hour in the Cedars taking pictures as we strolled through. We very much enjoyed this trail.

Photoglobe of the boardwalk

Many places along the path with water running from the rocky slopes.

Where sunlight hits the ground, many types of plants take advantage of the energy.

This growth looks like something out of Harry Potter.

The most intact root systems I've ever seen.

Avalanche Creek

Beautiful mountains in the distance

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