Traditional rear-view mirror vs rear camera mirror in 2021 Chevy HD


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I had no idea what to expect with the new rear camera mirror in the truck. I've found that the rear camera mirror is very different to look at and not as high resolution, but the unobstructed view is fantastic.


Haha. I haven’t used one before. Good to see what it does. And nice phone it matches the truck 🙂. That sure is an odd shaped mirror.
Kinda like the difference between an old SLR optical viewfinder and a digital viewfinder. Can you change the aim? The tailgate isn't visible in the camera view. How is it at night?
Can you change the aim?
I don't believe so, the camera is a fish-eye on the back of the cab. They look fixed to me.


The tailgate isn't visible in the camera view.
I'm assuming it's the way the camera is aimed, unless it's the camera on the tailgate? However, I believe the cameras on the tailgate are 1) the backup camera and 2) the hitch camera. Both work very well and make hitching a breeze. I'll investigate.


How is it at night?
Haven't used it at night yet, but will report how it does.