Tongue Jack


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My trailer came with a manual hand wind jack. My previous camper also had that, and it was fine. This camper is heavier and takes longer to wind. So i added a tongue jack last summer.

I went with the barker , as they had a long lift model. And a big advantage is, you can swivel the head of the tongue jack by loosening the top and spinning the head around.

This allows me to open my trucks tailgate, while I'm hitched up. I have not washed my camper yet! Sorry!
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The electric jack is a great addition and I'll have to remember the brand you put on your trailer. The electric jack on our Airstream seems like it may not be very robust. I'm with you, I did have to hand crank the trailer up one time when the jack stopped working. Someone at the factory didn't know how to crimp wires. I was sweating after hand cranking! I really like the idea of a pivoting head too.

Has this jack been flawless so far? Does it come with a warranty?
Yes 2 year warranty. There are cheaper jacks, but this one seems to lift effortlessly.

Thank you - I will remember this when I have to replace the jack on our trailer