Tire pressure 25% over MAX - yet another reason I'm glad I have a TPMS


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In this thread my TPMS helped me recognize a air leak before it did damage.

I hooked up to the trailer the first time today after getting the tire fixed. When we started down the road and the TPMS alarmed and showed that the tire that was fixed had a pressure of 108 lbs! At first I didn't believe it, but the rest of the tires synced and all showed their normal 75 lbs. I always carry my good pressure gauge with me, so I stopped in a parking lot on the way home and checked. The gauge said "E" for excessive. Hmmm. The gauge started reading at 100 lbs and I let a lot of air out to get down to 75 lbs.

My buddy put a new valve stem in at his shop. The guy who filled the tire looks at me in the mirror :cautious: What I didn't know is the air hose by the tire machine has a built in gauge, which is WAY off. I had the tire filled before Bill got back from answering the phone, so he didn't know I used the bad gauge. What I thought was 75 lbs, according to the gauge, was really 108 lbs!!!!

I have no idea if the tire would have ruptured from excessive pressure on the highway, but it won't now. I'm feeling really good about my TPMS these days!!!
I don't think it would have ruptured, but had it stayed at that for long your tire wear would have been really bad in the center of the tread from over-inflation.