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I picked this bolt up on I-57 around Peotone, IL today. The TPMS did warn me when the tire was about 50 PSI, but it had already leaked down from 80 PSI. I wish it would alarm a bit sooner, will have to check to see if the setting can be changed. Just Tires did plug the hole and place a patch inside. I was a bit concerned about the size of the hole, but the manager said that because of the small hole on the inside of the tire that the tire is safe to use. We'll see if it leaks, if it does, then we'll replace the tire. Of course this is on the new truck which only has 2,500 miles.

The Just Tires didn't have a balancer with a large enough adapter for the wheel. There were two 1/4 oz. weights on opposite sides. We took them off since there was no way to know if they were helping or hurting the balance. I have to decide if I'm going to take the truck to a shop that can balance the tire or if it's ok to leave the tire unbalanced. What do you think?

The TPMS alarmed on the driver's side outside rear (dually) tire. The flat was the inside tire, so GM programmed the sensor to the wrong tire. I'll let the dealer fix that.



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I find it strange they used a plug and patch. I guess it’s extra layer to make sure. I’m assuming they used one of the flat patches on the inside then plugged the outside. Usually most places use the patches that run through all of the leak that you cut the remainder of off. I’m guessing it’s because the hole was bigger on the outside which is understandable then. Me personally I’d have the tire balanced to make sure it doesn’t wear funny or give you the shimmy, shimmy, shake, shake. 🙂.

Edit: a thought I have is if you are worried about the metal weights or don’t have a shop that could do it then you could always ask if they could use liquid balancer in it. That’s what they use in the big rig tires and I’m sure it would work ok here too.
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The hole was almost too large to plug and they had to use the "extra large" plug. They also put a patch on the inside to make sure it didn't leak.

I think I'll take the tire to a truck tire shop and get it balanced, else it will bug me.
Haha it would bother me too. At the places where my dad has had tires put on his truck since they don’t have a big enough machine they do it caveman style and pop it off by hand with the spoon after letting the air out. Then pour the liquid balancer inside and pop the new tire back on. Of course in your case it’s the old tire but they probably will do the same thing not sure. Depends on if they have the correct machine and adapter. The liquid has never failed on us yet. Good thing the hole wasn’t any larger.

This is the particular one they use at shops around here. It’s for 22.5 and bigger rims though but I think they make them for the larger pick up truck tires too. Basically it goes in the tire then spreads out around the ring inside creating balance as the tire rotates.
I just bought a set of Centramatics, they will be here in a couple days. I've looked at them for years and decided to just buy a set, instead of paying a truck shop to balance the tire. Overkill yes, but I've always heard nothing but good about the Centramatics and decided to pull the trigger on a set.
That sucks, that was a large fastener! Plug should work. I have one in the Caprice and one in the Trans Am. My cars like bolts and screws.
That sucks, that was a large fastener! Plug should work.
I didn't realize they made plugs for holes that size, but was glad the plug worked. The tire hasn't lost any air, so I think it's going to work.
If ya think that was fun, imagine it happening to a rear tire on a motorcycle! I picked up a 3" long bolt in my $250 rear Metzler that had less than 500 miles on it! What a stressful ride home that was (40 miles; stopped to fill up at every air pump I could find).
Obviously I ran over something that had the bolt in it, somehow, but for the life of me I couldn't find it when I turned around to find what it was. I remember hitting something as I rounded a long, fast, sweeping corner, but was concentrating on keeping her upright and on line.

I've got pix of the bolt in the tire on my phone, somewhere. Happened early last year. When I took it in to be changed, the techs marveled at the fact that I made it back in one piece. Metzeler makes a helluva tire and I've used them exclusively for many years. Remind me next time I see you Wayne and I'll show the photos to you.

I sold the bike early this year; wifey said she had no interest in riding any longer. Hence the MX-5 entered our stable in it's place. She's happy in the passenger seat and honestly a thrilling car to drive. Sticks to the road like a new running shoe on fly paper!