These people are so clueless and dangerous


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This video popped up on my YouTube home page. It took about 10 seconds to know exactly how this "accident" happened. Towing a 30' travel trailer with a Frontier with no weight distribution or sway control. At 00:05 you see the hitch as the truck drives over the camera and at 1:34 you can see the trailer tongue with no hint of WD or sway hardware. They made 5 videos about their wreck and being curious I fast forwarded through a couple and nowhere did they acknowledge their huge lack of judgment. To top it off they have a gofundme page to help them get another RV. Unbelievable.

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I saw this a couple days after they released the video on Youtube. The complete lack of accountability amazes me. "We don't need no stinking anti-sway, we don't need no stinking appropriate tow vehicle".

When we drive around the country, we often count the travel trailers being towed without anti-sway and/or weight distribution and find about 1 in 10 has none. Virtually every one without anti-sway is easy to spot, because they are swaying noticeably. Wag the dog...
I watch for janky stuff out on the road too but wasn't keeping score, 10% unsafe it way too much. Wonder why LE doesn't do anything, they have to see this unsafe crap.

About the video, I wondered who told them or how they decided that that truck/trailer combo, with or without WD and anti-sway was in spec and safe.
Great questions. I'll bet LEs are so busy with other stuff they just don't feel like pulling a guy over for an improperly hitched trailer. It could also be that non-DOT officers don't know the laws about weight distribution and anti-sway.

I hope nobody told them their rig was safe without anti-sway, but some salesman not wanting to jeopardize the sale, probably let it slide.
gofundme, wow, maybe you should be asking for psych care referrals, ouch.
my money says, he was flying at 70 mph