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Obviously, Yellowstone/Grand Teton parks are the big draws and to do it right, you have to spend a minimum of one week there (not including getting there and back from where you hail). I have been there four times; twice on MC trips and twice on RV trips. And if you camp in one of the many areas within those parks, I will advocate that you enjoy at least one mean in one of the several grand hotels in YNP. They do put on quite a nice dinner meal. It's a nice break from campfires to have an elegant and well prepared meal at least once on a trip.

But I'm going to advocate for some other places as well ...

Devil's Tower area. Admittedly it's sort of a one-horse town, meaning there's not much around but that singular attraction in the NE corner. But it's neat to see at least once, and there are some nice camping places around. Additionally, the trip around WY24 is very scenic in an "old west" sort of way; lots of open country and rolling hills, etc.

Town of Doubois on US26: Typically you're just passing through into or out of Jackson Hole (Tetons). But there are a few nice campgrounds there and in particular, the KOA along the Wind River. We got a site near the back and it bordered the river itself; it runs fast and clear. You'd better like the sound of rushing water and have decent continence ... hahaha. The scenery is wonderful.

Town of Thermopolis and the State park thereof: the park is a nice attraction if you're staying in this area. Not a lot of choices for RV parks, but there is at least one decent one (Eagle RV park).

Honestly, depending upon what you want to do, there are lots of great hiking, biking, ORV areas all around the state. It's not that hard to find a good campground in or near one of your desired attractions.
Great timing! We are going to Devil's tower this August and staying at the KOA nearby. Would you recommend pulling a 30' trailer on WY-24 from Aladdin to Devil's tower, or just go up to the Tower from US-14? I'm sure it can't be any wilder than UT-12... Have you stayed at the Devil's Tower KOA?
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If you're heading west on I-90, take a slight detour and go up to Bell Fourche in SD. That is the (closest town to) the center of the US; they have a small monument there noting it as such. (The REAL center of the US is about 20 miles north of town on some private property, but that was closed down to visitors about 20 year ago or more, and the town of Bell Fourche now claims that distinction as a tourism point.

Then head west on SD34; it turns into WY24 at the state line, which you can take to Devil's Tower. No problems with your rig at all, Wayne, as those road are state and US roads which are decently maintained (occasionally under repair, but always easily passable.) The roads you'll encounter will be easier than UT12; no worries.

I have not stayed at the KOA at the Tower, but most all KOAs I've been to are at least decent, if not really nice. Rare is the KOA that is undesirable.

You'll have to let me know your destinations along the way; I can probably make some pointers for you because I know you enjoy the uniqueness of many attractions.

Thanks for the pointers, we will definitely post here about where we're going on our August trip, hoping for pointers.

I wonder how the geographical center is defined? Eyeballing Bell Fourche, it's doesn't look centered, unless the tip of Maine is taken into account.