Tell us what your RV/camper is...

2019 Airstream International Serenity, manufactured and delivered in July 2018. We use it often during the warm months in the midwest (April-Oct) and would use it year around, but won't pull it on salty roads. The quality has been great and Airsteam has been awesome about a couple warranty claims. I took this picture last week while it was sitting at the dealer lot for a couple days.
We have a Cherokee 18DD; 2007 model we got new in fall 2006.
Here's a YT video of one (this one isn't ours, but it gives you the idea of the exact model we have).

A big advantage you have there dnewton3, is the low step height. If you have dogs, your trailer is much easier for them. My Jayco was much easier for my dogs to get in, it was similar in height to yours.

I now with an aging shepard, have to use a ramp.