Sewer outlet cap ears keep breaking off


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I can't believe that I'm the only one this happens to. I just put on the third new cap in 22 months, because the ears keep breaking off. I'm careful when I tighten the cap not to crank on it.

Does anyone else have this problem? Does someone make a cap that won't break so easily?

Odd, i've never had one break. see if you can measure the distance from the pin hole on the cap to the inside edge of the cap. Then on your outlet, measure the distance from the back of the pin (side away from you) to the outer lip of the pipe. Compare measurments.

I'm assuming you have tried different brands? Does your sewer hose go on okay?

This looks like what is on mine. Looks beefier than whats in your pic.
If this cap fits really tight, i'd be inclined to file the inside back of the ears( ON THE CAP) a touch to give more clearance
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Airstream replaced the first three, but said they won't replace any more. The next is on me. The one you posted on Amazon does seem like the ears are much sturdier. I'll order this one when my third breaks...