Sewer hose storage


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I put this under plumbing, but it might be better suited to a modifications ( Mods ) section.
I did this with my previous travel trailer and mounted the sewer hose carrier underneath and forward of the trailer wheels, It worked great, but i was always worried about road debris destroying it. On this travel trailer i mounted it on the the rear bumper with a set of spacers. My tt has the sewer outlet on the forward third of the trailer, so i always need 2 hoses , except at the dump station. Its fast, easy, and holds my connectors. Its made from a 5 inch vinyl post cover with caps. A simple plastic gutter is used for the tray.

In the last pic, you can see that heat from the sun, has slightly warped the top of the carrier, probably due to me painting it black. It still functions great. I may see if i can get a metal 5 inch square thinwall post like this instead of painted pvc.
I like the idea of the slide out tray, that's genius!

What does the lock pin go through on the plastic box?

Our Airstream came with a storage tube underneath, but it's so short my sewer hose won't fit in it. I would like to build something like you did and run it at an angle underneath, so I don't have to store the sewer hose in the bumper.
I used a small metal hinge from home depot. Riveted in backed with washers so they don't pull out. I'll get pics.
I never had a problem with it mounted underneath. On my jayco, i found existing holes in the frame that i could use. I welded up some brackets that went around the carrier and i could bolt to the frame. That unit is gone, and unfortunately i never made pics of the brackets.
For your unit, and if i make another, stainless steel hinges would be a better option.

BTW the tray has holes drilled at points in its length as does the bottom of the carrier, so that there is air movement an it can dry.
I like it! It's fast, especially when you are at the dumpstation. It's also easy. Unhook from the camper, lift it letting it drain into the sewer then set it on the tray and push it in. No coiling, keeps it off my fore arms. I wear gloves nowadays. I like the tray as it keeps the carrier cleaner. you can hose off the tray from time to time.

If you make one , just de bur the holes you drill in the plastic so it does not cut or damage your sewer hose.
I'm going to see if this exact setup would work on my trailer. Thanks for the picture, as they are worth a thousand words!!!