Road trip!


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Tomorrow morning we're heading out for a week in southwestern Colorado and southern Utah. First trip out, finally, with the new outfit. We'd only done local weekends with the trailer before the new Sierra and a couple of local weekends with the new truck, the 2 cross-America moving runs fouled things a bit. I'm giddy as a school girl! (Can you still say that?)

Heading north to Flagstaff then east to Gallup NM then north through the Rez to Cortez Co final destination Mancos State Park. We'll stay there 3 nights then make our way cross country to Cainesville Ut near Capital Reef for a night then follow Scenic Route 12 southwest to Red Canyon campground west of Bryce Canyon for a couple of nights. We've made the drive north from Flagstaff so many times we decided to go east then north for something different. Bit longer but hopefully different scenery.

These are no hook-up campgrounds so we'll get to use the new genny and solar panel and haul some water along. Weather should be great for hiking and MTBing and hanging with the dogs and eating. No bucket list parks or attractions, we do have some hikes picked out and I have a couple of favorite trail rides well worth riding again. Maybe some pics from the road if I can make everything connect, techie I'm not.
You'll get to flex the muscle of that 6.6L and let us know your impressions!

We believe Capitol Reef NP is very underrated. Drive into Capitol Gorge until you get to the trailhead, then walk the trail down the gorge. It's very beautiful. I posted some pictures here:

Make sure you stop in the shop near the apple orchard for some fresh made apple pie. The story of the orchard is interesting.

The scenery driving into and around the park is outstanding.
We're back, had a great time. Sorry to report no apple pie from the Fruita orchard, fresh out when we got there. No problems, the only issue was my 80W solar panel wouldn't put out 12 volts, the controller must be kaput. Getting a report together soon. Meanwhile:

Near Mancos, Co.

Near Fruita Utah. I love petroglyphs.

A hike right out of Red Canyon campground near Bryce Canyon.

Wayne this is on Thunder Mountain trail near Red Canyon. Huge drop off other side. How much fun are you up for? Stunning scenery and some challenging sections.
Wayne this is on Thunder Mountain trail near Red Canyon. Huge drop off other side. How much fun are you up for?
I would do it in a heartbeat!

Mancos sure looks pretty, I've heard from a couple people that SW Colorado is great to visit and has far fewer crowds.

Looking forward to your report!