Refrigerator warms when running on propane during hot weather


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We did a trip last year where we spent a couple days on the road to get to our destination. The fridge was running on propane the entire time we spent in transit. Granted it was very hot, like 100°F, but we found our fridge would slowly warm up during the day as we drove. When it cooled off at night the fridge would cool off again and the freezer would refreeze it's contents. I have no idea if this is normal that the fridge doesn't have enough cooling capacity on those really hot days, or if our fridge isn't working properly? I'm curious if others have seen this same behavior on hot days while running on propane?
Odd, my unit usually cools better on propane. Now i have not used propane in really hot weather. So perhaps its a heat soak issue.

I know some people have added small 12v fans to the back of the refridgerator evaporator coils, and they claim it helps. But that uses your 12v if you are boondocking.

I have no experience here.
It's a function of the ambient temps being so warm, and also the fact that while traveling, the RV is not cooled by the AC so the heat-soak from the interior is greater.