PVC shore power cord stiff as a board when cold - anyone have a cord that will bend when cold?


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This is the 50 amp cord that came with our Airstream. This is the first and only RV we've had, so we have no other experience with shore power cords. When it's hot outside the cord can be coiled and stored fairly easily. As the temperature cools the cord becomes stiffer. A few times we've disconnected with the temperature between 32°F and 45°F. When it's cold, this cord becomes so stiff that you almost have to just pick it up the way it lays on the ground and put wherever it will fit, since it's so difficult to coil.

Is there any company that makes a 50 amp RV cord that coils easily when cold?

Maybe it's because you didn't remove that tag? ;)

We bought a replacement 30 amp cord off Amazon made by Conntek which is much more flexible than the 31-year-old one in the RV now. Haven't installed it yet, though, due to time constraints. All the others I have manhandled in the store were usually made by Camco and felt extremely flexible.
Maybe it's because you didn't remove that tag? ;)
Pay no attention to the tag.... what tag? :)

Ours is very flexible above 70°F, but stiffens as it cools off.

I've done some research since starting this thread and it seems the rubber jacketed cords are much more flexible than the PVC jacketed cords. I ordered a 15' 50 amp cord with rubber made by Valterra. It will be delivered tomorrow and we'll use it this weekend, time will tell.
After researching to figure out what type of cord would be more flexible when cold, we settled on a Valterra rubber housing (instead of vinyl)

It is MUCH more flexible when cold and since it's only 15' long it's also much lighter.

Very pleased with the ease of rolling it up and stowing it in the rear compartment of the Airstream.

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