Portable water totes - what type do you use?


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We have done some dry camping in national parks and found it necessary to take extra potable water. With four of these totes we had enough extra water that we were to stay for four days and three people were able to shower each day after sweaty hiking.

You'll need to pour the water into the holding tank on your RV and we have one hard lesson learned with this type of tote. Take about 12" of vinyl hose to use as a pour spout, else you'll find it very awkward to hold the tote up and attempt to pour the water into your tank without spilling!

This tote doesn't have a second opening to vent while pouring and the vacuum really slows the process down.

These collapsible totes take up much less space when empty, but when they are full, if they are sitting on any type of object it will tend to poke a hole in your tote as you travel down the road. Because of this, we are down to three totes from four. :(

Since they are collapsible, they don't hold their shape while pouring, which can make it feel like your trying to hold 40 pounds of jelly up in the air. They can be hard to hold onto.

If we were to buy totes again, I'd seriously consider buying rigid 5 gallon totes instead of these.

We store them with about a tablespoon of bleach in them to keep critters from growing, then rinse well before use.

What type of tote do you use?