Pine Creek Trailhead & CO-92 Scenic Overlooks near the Blue Mesa Dam


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We were camping in Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP and had some time to explore the area near the park. A friend of mine, who has traveled extensively in Colorado, recommended we drive to the Blue Mesa Dam and hike at the Pine Creek Trailhead and drive CO-92 from the dam to the Hermit's Rest picnic area, stopping at the scenic overlooks along the way. What an amazing collection of scenery! This is a must if you are passing through the area. I wonder how many people drive right through the area, never knowing what they missed.


View from Hermit's Rest:


View at Pioneer Looking Point:


Pine Creek Trail along the Gunnison River:

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I've explored the Blue Mesa Dam and surrounding areas before - a great adventure off the beaten path! I'm sure tons of people don't realize what they're missing. Took this photo somewhere on our journey...not a sponsored post! Lol.


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