Pictures of Monticello- Charlottesville Virginia


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I wanted to share some pictures with everyone of Monticello. Located in Charlottesville Virginia. For those of you who don’t know this is a pretty cool place and cool piece of history. Home of Thomas Jefferson the third president of the United States and the man on the $2 bill and nickel. They actually give $2 bills as change at the gift shop and ticket location. However they were out of them and have been for about a week because the Bureau of Engraving and Printing did not send any to their bank this time around for some reason. So being the type I am I have tons of them as me and dad get them at the bank to spend they bought some from me and were thrilled to see I had them. They were happy to be back at following their tradition of giving them back as change.

First pictures are of the beautiful Monticello itself. East Front and West Front their is no “back”

Third picture is one of the “bathrooms” you only get to see if you purchase the behind the scenes tour. Which is well worth the money. Unfortunately my other bathroom picture turned out blurry however my mom took one too and I’ll have her send it to me later so I can show you what a true 1700s bathroom looks like. Haha.

Fourth picture: is a carriage. They aren’t sure if it was Jefferson’s or not or one of the many that lived there at the residence.

Fifth picture: Dome Room. Once again only on the behind the scenes tour. Nobody really knows what he used this room for possibly meetings or time away from everyone or something like that.

Sixth picture is one of the rooms and Mr. Jefferson’s original boots. He had two pairs in total both located in the home. They are the original not reproductions.

Seventh picture is of the original kitchen. It is at the very end of the home furthest away from the dining room. I can imagine it was hard to transport food that distance. They later moved it closer.

Eighth picture is the secret room. Located next to the dome room. The doors fool you and make you think you are walking out to a balcony but they actually take you to this.

Ninth picture is a tree stump and new tree. The original popular tree planted by Jefferson died about 15 years ago so they had to cut it down. A new tree is growing in its place. I actually have a picture from 2008 of me sitting on this exact stump they had just cut down the tree at that point. Because after it died they were debating to cut it down or not but ultimately decided too so it would not fall on the house.

Last picture is a chair Jefferson used when he was in the senate. Called “seat of the state”.

I have lots more pictures than this. I just wanted to show everyone this cool and important history piece. And yes they have RV and camper and bus parking so if you are ever in the area it’s worth seeing I do recommend buying tickets in advance as it fills up quickly. Even if you can’t get a tour you can still see the beautiful property and gardens of this mansion. His grave is also available to see however we were worn out by the point we got there and didn’t want to walk the half mile down to it haha. We seen it last time I went with my parents which was 2008 we didn’t get to see it on the elementary school field trip unfortunately. I have lots of garden pictures from his garden as well.
I remember being there when I was 7 years old. I probably walked by the huge Poplar tree. I think the picture of the new tree growing in the dead stump is the coolest picture you took!
I remember being there when I was 7 years old. I probably walked by the huge Poplar tree. I think the picture of the new tree growing in the dead stump is the coolest picture you took!
That’s one of my favorites too. I actually have a picture of me when I was 6 sitting on the stump when they had just cut it down. I was happy with that picture. It’s especially cool it’s growing inside. They had told us it was growing next to it but it’s definitely growing inside.
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Some more pictures.

A bookshelf and chair and lots of old books.

Second picture shows his other pair of boots but I can’t remember what they said the room was for.
Third picture. One of the bedrooms believed to be for children.
Fourth picture. Is James and Dolley Madison’s guest room.
Fifth is one of the many narrow staircases in the house. Only get to go up the stairs and down the stairs if you purchase the behind the scenes tour.
Is this where the hidden passageway is?
Haha. Sure does look like a good place for one. Surprisingly that is located upstairs in the dome room. It makes you think you are going outside then it drops down into the secret place.