Paint for Roof - Transit Van


My Van get really hot, I want to paint to top, just the flat top part.
what paint should I get?
I am going to DIY it with a roller,
see attached pic of van.

I am sweating just looking at it.


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Our new Sierra has a huge dark brown roof and you can feel the heat radiating down through the headliner. I'm wondering if someone could put white wrap on it? Same for your van. No idea on cost.

I would search for a white spray-on wrap. If you don't like it you can peel it off and you haven't permanently changed the color of the roof. Most RVs I've seen have white roofs because they stay much cooler.
I used black Plastidip on some large chrome emblems on the Titan. It held up perfectly for the 2 years I had the truck. I'd think it would hold up well on a roof where it's not subject to abuse from road debris and spray etc. There are hundreds of hits on how to prep for Plastidip.