New sink in the trailer


Well since I fixed the the slide and did a top to bottom cleaning of the trailer, we decided we should change out the sink. We plan to keep it for 3 to 5 more years and then get a trailer that is just for the wife and I. Spoken no bunkhouse. Anyway here it is. The original sink was plastic. I melted it over 8 year ago first trip out with a Dutch Oven lid. Then years of use and some tie die t-shirt action left it stained. Replaced with a larger single basin stainless still sink.
Really happy with the results.





That! Looks awesome!

I like the sink with no dividers, our home sink has no divider. I may have to think about this change for ours!


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Nice! The stainless looks great!

Are all of the fixtures and plumbing standard household sizes?

[edit] It looks like you were able to reuse the faucet?

As a side note, we upgraded the sink in our home kitchen from a split like your old one was to a single farmhouse style. We really like the ability to get larger items into the sink and don't miss the split.


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Standard inch and a half stuff for the drain. All household fittings for the faucet. I got the sink, new faucet and drain at Lowes for like 140.00.

I do not like split sinks, my house is next.

Original faucet was plastic, the new one is a Delta that was normally 120.00 on closeout for 49.99. The sink was 64.00 dollars and the drain was like 10.00 dollars.
I did have to rework some of the drain plumbing going from double to single and I did have to cut the opening larger as my old sink was 25 x 17. The new one is 25 x 22.

Well worth it as I just updated some vinyl coverings in the trailer as well. Looks new inside. So glad I didn't throw in the towel with the slide problem.

So the whole trailer is sealed, wheel bearings packed, slide out fixed and interior updated a bit. :) I think we are going going camping the 3 day weekend in Jan.


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Yeah really glad I am not trading this one in yet. It is still a good unit for what we do with it right now.