Longtime camper, new RVer in N Az


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Season's Greetings from Northern Arizona. Migrated over from BITOG where I've been hanging for years. I've been camping since dad bought a pop up from Sears back when I was a kid in the early 60s. Been at it ever since with a few breaks in ownership of something. We've owned 2 pop ups then 2 small 5th wheels pulled by 1/2 tons then an A-frame, another small pop-up and finally Tuesday found and quickly bought a barely used 2017 Grand Design Imagine 2150 27' trailer. Cleaned/sanitized Tuesday evening, threw some gear in Wednesday and went out for 2 nights. We are so ready for RVing instead of camping at this stage.(y)

I've got questions because I've never pulled something this long and tall before and glad to be here.


Congrats on the purchase! We have had a hoot in ours over the last 2 years and so looking forward to getting out again in the spring. We have this thing up here call winter.

Is the trailer a 5th wheel or conventional tow? Pictures?
Tell me about your Grand Design. We have looked at a couple and love them. How do you fee it is in terms of quality? All the ones we have been in have been excellent.
It came with the hitch, an Equalizer WD with 10k bars. The hitch had been set up for a Tundra and I didn't change anything. Taking the normal measurements it's in spec.

We mainly bought it for the floor plan, it's set up nicely for 2 people. The front bedroom because I go to bed earlier and it's nice to be a bit isolated. The large bathroom for the boss just because. We bought it on the 22nd, took it to a state park 50 miles away for the 23rd and 24th, Christmas morning camping! It's going to work well for us and the dogs.

Quality wise it's hard for me to judge. We've owned 3 pop ups, 1 A-frame, and 2 small 5th wheels. This is definitely the nicest of the bunch but I already posted about some loose trim and the fresh water tubing from the fresh tank to the pump being severely kinked. It really looks unused inside, the original owners said they had it out less than 10 times and I believe it. They were getting out of camping altogether and left a bunch of stuff in the trailer besides the hitch. Some we kept, some went to Goodwill. When we went to look at it after the first look around we gave each other a look that said we're buying this. Didn't try to deal a bit.
The loose trim seems to be common. The big push in all these trailers is light weight, so trim and wood is not what it used to be.

None of the current brands of trailers had cabinets as nice as the ones in our 05 jayco, but they were real wood cabinet doors and heavier.

I've looked at some grand design trailers, they are nice, generally had very nice kitchen and bath counters.