Little Missouri State Park - Killdeer ND


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This was another one of our stops on the way out to Wyoming. After leaving the abandoned Sears in Minnesota, we headed up the nothern route to go around the worst of the Bighorn Mountains. Decided to spend the night here and were able to easily book a site online, along with the day entry permit. This is about an hour north of Dickinson off I-94.

Sites were grass, with almost nothing between them. VERY long sites as well, as this campground caters to horse owners (each site also has a dedicated corral). This was a new one for us. Single dump site that works from either side and water available, as well as pit toilets and pay showers. Fire rings and picnic tables of course. Electric is also shared between sites which have a 30 amp and a 20 amp socket. So if your neighbor gets there first and takes the 30 amp side, well... hope you don't need the AC.



There are some hiking and horse trails around the area, which overlooks the Little Missouri Canyon.




There's not much to do here aside from the view and some short hikes, but it is beautiful countryside. Not much in the way of cell service, just a whiff of Verizon or AT&T. I would definitely go back for several days and enjoy the seclusion and scenery.

As an added bonus, we saw this guy on the way up here when we stopped for fuel in West Fargo ND!\

This looks like a nice campground, but it would be a bit disappointing to get there and see the 30 amp receptacle taken, leaving you with a 20 amp that will pretty much assuredly trip if you turn your A/C on.

Was that a turkey vulcher or a wild turkey on the post?

We've spotted the Oscar Meyer weiner mobile a couple times over the years. Funny that we've never seen it at an event, but have seen it between events.
Yeah, the electrics at this campground were different than any I've seen. Most places have either a 30 & 20 amp receptacle at every site or a 50/30/20 triple ripple. This is - so far - the only one we've encountered that had a "shared 50 amp" in the form of a single 30 and single 20 to go across two sites.

Fortunately it was blissfully cool while we were there and we got by with the ceiling fan only.

That was a turkey vulture / buzzard we saw on the way out. It looked very well fed!