Lithium battery for CPAP machine


I wanted to use my ResMed while I on the road.

I started out with this solution:

1. 12 Volt ResMed power adapter (bought online)
2. A 90ah vehicle starting battery I had laying around.

Worked but heavy - The 31d battery worked fine for 3 nights of use, but that thing was heavy, and I had to take it out of the van to charge it.

After I had to lift and move it few times I was ready for a lighter solution.
I bought a 100ah Litto Kala lifepo4 battery (well I made it myself :) )

ResMed CPAP > 12 Volt Power Adapter > 12v 100ah Lithium battery

Next in my list is to set up a charging link so I can use it to charge the 100ah Lifepo4 battery from my van's alternator.
I will be charging @ 10a max.
The 100 ah battery is used to power my laptop using a small 200w inverter. So this little battery gets a lot of use.
Nice 👍. My dad used to have one of these machines. He had a plug that plugged into the cigarette lighter for his so he could use it in his truck when he slept at night. Smart idea.


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Was that out of a jump-starter?
lol, no, I had a smaller AGM batt (acdelco) that died under warranty, took it to the distributor and he did not have a little one, instead paid the diff (30$) for the biggest baddest AGM they had in stock :)


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Auto, but I was shocked they had this in stock and it was fresh stock.
The weight just makes it a semi portable unit.