Kids say the darn-dest things ...


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So this is not about any one park, but a funny story of the State of Colorado and my daughter, who was a master of the obvious, at least in her young mind. She was 9 at the time, and we were traveling into CO vi I-70. As we got right at the state line, there was a welcome sign. It said "Welcome to Colorado, the Centennial state". Now, my daughter being "educated" (third grade) knew that Centennial means one-hundred of something. So she was perplexed and asked how Colorado could be the "100th state, but there's only fifty stars on the flag?" We had to explain that it was referring to 1876; 100 years after the Revolutionary war. We all got a giggle out of that.

Then, she doubled down a day later. As we were in a fuel station, there was a man with a "Colorado" tee-shirt on. Without thinking before speaking, she asked my wife what "Color-a-do" meant. Because she loves arts/crafts, she recognized the "Color" as a verb, and then "a" as the indefinite article, and then "do" (typically a verb but she knew that Color was the verb and so the "do" had to be a noun in her mind.). So again, she read the shirt out-loud as "Color a doo". More laughs from my wife and I.

Obviously this isn't about one specific national or state park. Rather, it's about the fun and giggles you have on the way to and from those places. As is said ... getting there is half the fun. Had we not been traveling to RMNP and beyond, we'd never have been treated to my daughter's young interpretations of Colorado at large. She's 22 now, and we still occasionally taunt her with those funny times from years past; takes it in stride and smiles - excellent sense of humor she has.