Is there a standard clearance height going through national park entrances?


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We hope to drive AZ-64 (south rim drive) from US-89 to the Mather Point area where we have an RV site booked. Our 5th wheel will be 12'6' in height, so we'll need clearance of at least 13' to safely drive through the NP entrance gate near the east end of AZ-64. There is a streetview which you can 'drive' up to the gate, but it's such poor quality that you can't read the clearance sign. I looked and search and can't find anything about height clearances going through NP entrance stations.


Clearance with the Airstream was never an issue, as it only needed > 9'9"

The east gate also needs to be open to visitor traffic, which I believe it is now.
Is there a way to call to ask? That might be a good option as long as you get someone that has a clue what they are talking about.