Insect fogger


This can be a controversial item.
Having/using one of these requires discretion.
It also requires attention to breeze direction, and talking with the campers around you. I generally talk to who is on each side and in front or behind me. It some one is opposed to it, I don't use it. Most of the time they say sure, fog my site too! Which requires me checking with the people around them.

I would never use it without checking around you for open windows on other units or hybrid/tent campers and them knowing and agreeing. Last thing you want is to get kicked out of a campground for angering someone near you.

It's all about being a good next door camper. If all agree, I usually do this early in the morning, as less people are out, and I don't draw as much attention.

Having said all that here is what I use.
A Burgess fogger. It uses a propane cylinder to heat the fogging coil. Black Flag makes the fogging solution.
It works well really fogs. You need to plan your approach so you don't walk through and breath the fog. I fog all around and under my camper and and truck.
If it does not rain, it lasts a good 24hrs maybe longer. Seems to really keep away the gnats and mosquitoes.
I'd rather put the fog around my campsite,than spray chemicals on my skin (i.e. repellant).
Works good at home too, I even fog my wood stack a day or so before grabbing some, to prevent spiders.
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I have to admit that I've never seen such a fogger. Nor have I ever seen them in stores here. Are they allowed everywhere?


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I have to admit that I've never seen such a fogger. Nor have I ever seen them in stores here. Are they allowed everywhere?

I have never seen rules prohibiting them, but its probably never come up before. But you have got to be careful and check with your fellow campsites , and if its too windy, no go. before i start i watch for people walking. If they have to walk through my fog, they may complain, I don't want to fog anyone anyway. If the air is still, the fog hangs around for about 3 minutes or so.

Thats why i ask around, and fog early in the morning to not draw attention. Probably would never be an issue unless someone complains. Doing it early before the dog walkers get out is key, i check with my fellow sites the night before.

I fog all around my site, under my trailer and under my truck. That leaves less areas for gnats/mosquitoes to sit and wait for you.

EDIT: It works best when its fairly dry. I fogged one day and it worked great, it rained that night, and the next morning the ground was wet as well as the leaves and foliage around the site. I fogged but got ate up by mosquitoes that evening, so wet leaves and ground seems to dilute the effects of the settling fog.
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