Humidity during storage


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Our camper gets a bit humid during the winter. Probably since i store it under a shed out of the sun.
To lessen the humidity, i run the gas furnace one a month and heat it up and leave the door open a bit for the warm wet air to escape.

I also found these units at Costco. The are filled with some type of absorbent beads. There is a window on the front showing a few of them. You plug it in an outlet in your house, and it heats and drys out the beads. Then you lay these in your camper. I put one in the kitchen, and one in the bedroom. You check them and when the beads in the window get dark or greenish, you bring them in the house and plug them in to dry the unit out, then put them back in the camper. Seems to help, no mold on any cabinets since i've started doing this.

So far we haven't had a problem with moisture in our trailer, but in Northern Illinois, we don't get dew points over 70°F very often, like I'm sure you do in the Carolinas. However, when we're camping and the temperature gets below 40°F, we wake up with moisture all over the inside of the windows and even some on the inside of the trailer. I have learned that before you go to bed, if you open a few windows and turn the fantastic fan on for a few minutes, it pulls the warm moist air out of the trailer and replaces it with cooler drier air and you don't end up with nearly as much condensation in the morning. We also like to sleep in the cold, like 55°F, but if we keep it warmer in the trailer at night, that also really helps keep the condensation down.

I have this exact same plug-in desiccant in my safe, it has lots of moisture capacity and dries out fairly quickly when plugged in. I've probably used the same one for 15 years.