Highline Trail - Glacier NP


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Caution, if you are afraid of heights, you may find some of the pictures to be disturbing.

We had talked about hiking the Highline trail for months when we were planning our trip to Glacier. We had read many accounts of how terrifying the trail is and those who don't like risking their very lives probably shouldn't attempt the trail. Right, how bad can it be?

Well the trail starts about 100' from the Logan Pass parking lot where you descend into a picturesque meadow, where we hoped to see wildlife, but unfortunately didn't.

View looking back toward the parking lot at Logan Pass.

The views really are amazing and the anticipation builds a bit because you can start to see where the trail runs high on the cliff face. Look a couple hundred feet above the patch of snow, that's the trail.

Another shot looking back toward the pass.

Wow, the road sure is a long way down there and I haven't noticed any handrails along the trail, which is visible in the extreme lower right corner of the picture.

Another wow, we are a long way up here and the trail is getting kind of narrow.

This is definitely Karen's "I am not amused" look. This is where I assured her we were probably past the scariest part of the trail.

I was clearly wrong.

Notice the vinyl covered steel cable you can hold onto? Most did, as it really was a bit terrifying.

We made it this far, chilled for quite a while and went back.

There aren't many guarantees in life, but I can guarantee you that you will not find Karen on this trail again. It was pretty scary knowing a fall was practically death sentence.
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