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I grew up in a camping family. Canadian Rockies. White Mountains. My family and I saw quite a bit of the US and Canada while packing an enormous canvas tent on top of a ‘68 Ford Country Squire. We spent a summer touring the Atlantic Coast in a borrowed RV back in 1976, when gas prices had just spiked and filling up was a painful experience. At least, it was for dad. The three kids thought the ability to sit at the kitchen table and play games while dad drove was awesome.

I don’t own a rig now, but have spent some time in a buddy’s camper when Elk Hunting in SW Colorado.

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Thanks guys!

in answer to your hiking question, Not as much as I used to.

When I was young, like 12, my Dad started taking me hiking in the White Mountains of NH, where he had spent his summers working for the AMC supplying their “Huts”. He would hike up Mount Washington, for example, with a full 80# propane cylinder and bring the empty back down. Twice a day. He and I hiked all over those Mountains. When I was in my late teens, and an athlete, I still struggled to keep up with him. (He was an All-American in two sports in college - all that hauling of supplies up and down mountains had built quite a base).

I used to take my kids hiking when I lived in Colorado and Vermont. In Colorado, we used to go to Eldorado Canyon, just south of Boulder. Handicapped accessible trails turned out to match with my then 2 year old’s hiking ability. Lots of snacks and juice boxes were involved. Later, in Stowe, my kids and I did a lot of hiking. Stowe has extensive trails, some cool waterfalls and some great vistas.

The kids still hike Stowe. I’m glad that’s been passed down.