Grand Design quality?


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Someone asked in one of my other threads what I thought about Grand Design quality. Here are a couple of things I've found while getting everything up to par. This is the nicest and newest trailer we've ever owned and I wasn't looking at other brands this closely, so is this normal? My sense is the manufacturers are using contemporary colors and textures but the build quality isn't top shelf. The cabinet framework in the kitchen/bath/bedroom is all contact paper over plain old pine.

The lovely faux marble laminate countertops are actually some sort of heavy duty contact paper/wrap material, they sure aren't laminate like you'd get with a home countertop. The edge in front of the sink is loose, I'll think I'll be able to glue it back down. Home grade laminate sheet is either 1/16 or 1/32 for vertical surfaces, this sure isn't 1/32.

GD countertop.jpg

There's a very narrow and tall drawer beside the range and the slides are half way up. It's hard to see but they're secured to that piece of wood with staples. Also the drawer wasn't flush, the top was away from the cabinet frame close to 1/4". I dropped it down from that line on the vertical wood and re-attached it and got the drawer fitting correctly. I'll get screws in the slides before we go out again.

GD drawerslides.jpg
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My impression of Grand Design, from my uncle and cousin that own them, is that they are good quality. However, they both own Solitude 5th wheels, not the Grand Design travel trailer like you have. I have no idea what the build quality difference is between their travel trailers and 5th wheels, but my guess is they would be similar. They also both upgraded from another brand that they report as completely unsatisfactory build quality.

We get popped rivets on a regular basis in our Airstream. We carry a rivet gun and when I find on popped, I'll fix it at the next overnight stop. I think all RVs come with issues.

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We've owned 4 pop ups including a new Coleman when the kids were small, and 2 small older 5th wheels and every one had their "things". I see numerous remarks about the better build quality of GD trailers and wonder what is worse build quality? Today I took the interior trim piece off of one of the roof vents to see what I can do about the cold air that pours in from them and a tablespoon of sawdust fell out on my arm and the floor. At least it wasn't a mouse nest.

I wondered how an Airstream holds up.
I can tell you my 1995 Fleetwood Prowler 5th Wheel was put together better than anything I looked at in 2012, now having mine all fixed, based off stories from others I am afraid to get a new one. My current trailer has Formica counters, can't say I have had anything like that happen with my 2012's counter tops. The old 5th wheel had real wood cabinets and porcelain sinks. It was a solid unit.