Georgia/Tennessee/Alabama Tri-Point


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Not really a hidden treasure, it has been in the same place for a while.

For anyone looking to find it and wondering if you should.

if you're in the area, this is a super easy trip to make. Google will take you right there and there is a fairly well worn path up to the marker. You'll want to veer to the left at the fork and you'll be able to see the large metal Paradise Point Resort, uhh sign? The marker has been stolen a few times over the years and the new one is screwed down with Tapcon screws, so maybe it will stay put.


so that is like 3 Corners USA...
Yep, just not developed as a tourist spot. Little bit of out of the way touring. Probably the reason nothing has ever been built there is that TVA owns the Tenn portion of it. Imagine they'd block pretty much anything someone wanted to put up there.
It's a fun place to stop, like four corners or the far northwest corner of Texas.
Yep, as easy as it is, it is just an 'I've done that' to add to the life story.

Doggo didn't care though, she was more concerned with a squirrel.