Garage outlet for RV


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I installed an air compressor in the garage, that needed 220v. I decided to use a 14-50 outlet for the compressor as i could use a 50amp- to 30 amp cable to connect my travel trailer. That way i'm not running the air conditioning through a small 12 or 14 gauge 110v cord. I also back feed the panel with my generator during power outages , through the same outlet. It is wired with number 6 wire so i can also run my tombstone welder if needed.

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I would love that if I could get close enough to my house when we are loading up for a trip. Instead, I have to run a 100' drop cord from a 20amp outlet on the front of my house to the street. The voltage drop is about 10 volts, so I plug my Hughes Autoformer in-line to get the voltage back up. We run the fridge and water heater and in rare cases run the AC (alone) to take the brutal heat and humidity out while we're loading. The way I do it is a kluge, but for now it is what it is. Where the trailer is stored for the winter, I have a 14-15 outlet about 5' from the trailer. Some day.