Fuelbox fuel tank/tool box combo


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I picked up a used 60 gallon Fuelbox fuel tank/tool box combo that I found on FB Marketplace for what I think is one heck of a deal.

My motivation is to be able to purchase cheaper fuel along our route and be able travel for 800-1000 miles without having to refuel. We use the TSD RV fuel card and can buy fuel for considerably less than the pump price at truck stops.

When you fuel in the truck lanes at a truck stop, you learn very quickly that you never want to fuel in retail lanes again. The convenience and safety of pulling straight into and straight out of a fuel lane can't be matched by the zoo and tight quarters at retail pumps. You also learn quickly that the pavement at truck stops that take the abuse of trucks all day, can be very pot-holed and rough. You love fueling in the truck lanes, but you don't want to do it any more often than you have to, another benefit of carrying more fuel is less fueling stops.

An example of fuel savings is our upcoming trip to Colorado. If you fuel in Nebraska for $2.80/gal and have enough fuel on board to make it back to Nebraska without refueling, then you can avoid paying $3.25/gal in Colorado.

I needed to replace the gas struts that hold the lid open and replace the missing keys. I called the Fuelbox support line, placed the order, and was off the phone in less than five minutes. My experience dealing with Fuelbox was fantastic.

The toolbox on top offers a place to store the hose and nozzle, a grease gun, and stinky fuel additive.


The Fuelbox is narrow enough that I can still stand in the back of the truck with the 5th wheel hitched. One of my requirements for a fuel tank was that it not be visible above the sides of the truck box and not have a visible pump or hose. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to find a tank/tool box combo that meets both of those requirements.


I wired a 7-way to the power cord so I can pull power from the in-box 7-way when refueling and not have to run a wire to the battery.


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Is it bolted to the bed? looks awesome, did you hook it up already?

There is a co-op selling diesel near Grand Island (??), NE or close, they have blend of bio and that was some cheap and GOOOOOOD diesel.
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Is it bolted to the bed?
I was going to bolt it in, but the guy I bought it from used a strap because he didn't want to drill holes in his bed. I didn't either, so I bought a cargo strap and it works perfectly.

There is co-op selling diesel near Grand Island (??), NE or close, they have blend of bio and that was some cheap and GOOOOOOD diesel.
We'll be driving through there on I-80 soon, which location is it? I like running soy diesel because if you do, then there is no need for a lubricity additive.
If you want to see tight quarters come to the Pilot Travel Center in Troutville VA talk about tight. Mainly because they tore down the TA we had so now that’s the only truck stop in the area. My dad can barely squeeze in there. He normally has to go to Speedway on the other end of town. His truck is also a long wheelbase too so it’s not the easiest to get around in. There is no pulling straight in this one you have to turn and I know thats hard to do.

If you need a temporary solution for the struts get a pair of vise grips and pinch it right underneath and it will hold. Just have to take them off each time you shut it of course. 🙂
One of the last times we refueled in the retail lanes, we got parked in and couldn't get out until a couple cars moved from their parking spots, then we could pull forward. I had been debating getting the TSD Logistics RV diesel card and this incident pushed me over the top. Now that we fuel in the truck lanes, you couldn't drag me kicking and screaming back to the retail lanes. The TSD card also saves about $0.50/gal on fuel. It's a win-win.
I hear you on the soy diesel, I am trying to remember the name of the station, this was 10 years back, my memory is foggy, the station was north of I-80.
But I see Lincoln and diesel at COSTCO and SAMS, wow, cheap too.
I would fill at COSTCO, they have the best diesel, the only costco with in diesel in MI is in Detroit.
The only problem is that they are open 7 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 7 am to 7 pm on weekends.